What happens when Jazz Fletcher becomes the prime suspect in Dolleen Doyle’s murder? Who will help him prove his innocence and uncover the real killer? If you guessed Martha and her pals, you’re partly correct.  You’ll meet some familiar faces from the previous stories like a certain dark-haired psychic wearing purple, and an elegant restaurant mogul. You’ll also see some new faces,  including Patti the Chihuahua who knows the identity of the real killer.

Dolleen’s husband, is an incarcerated felon who defrauded millions from unsuspecting investors. Most of the money was never recovered. Rejected by her society friends, Dolly tries to make it on her own. Was she murdered out of revenge? Greed? Jealousy? The more Martha digs, the closer she gets to being murdered herself.  And her love life gets really spicy when she’s pressured to make a choice between the two men who love her.

Knot What You Think is the fifth book in the Martha Rose Quilting series.